Choosing a Baby Carrier to use During Pregnancy


With so many baby carriers on the market, it was difficult to choose the right baby carrier for me. My babies love to be carried and I love carrying them. The benefits of baby wearing are huge for both mommy and baby, I know this. So the choice of baby wearing wasn’t an issue, it was the issue of finding something that will work for my growing toddler and my growing pregnant belly.

My arms, back, and shoulders are aching terribly when it comes to bed time so I went to find a way to still carry “M” and hopefully save my back.

Choosing a Baby Carrier to use During Pregnancy – Boba Carrier

The Boba carrier was a top choice. After hearing from Amanda about how much she loved hers and seeing all of the features on the Boba website, I knew that the Boba carrier would help me and “M” out.

Three years ago, I used a “crotch dangler” carrier with “B” but I’ve since learned that they are not the best for your child’s developing body. Now a days, hip dysplasia is such a growing concern with these type of carriers as they stretch out the baby’s legs from their natural “frog like” position so I knew that we had to find something more ergonomically fit for my baby.

Choosing a Baby Carrier to use During Pregnancy – Boba Carrier

Boba carriers offer more support for your baby’s back and hips by holding their legs at 90-degree angles to reduce the stress on their hips.

The Boba Carrier also comes with foot straps for the older child to put their feet in, this will help keep their knees bent and in that nice 90-degree angle.

Choosing a Baby Carrier to use During Pregnancy – Boba Carrier

When I first got the Boba carrier, I read through the booklet that came with it. I tried it on without a child inside to get the straps adjusted right. I like the structure of the Boba Carrier and the pattern is pretty. The pockets are nice for storing things like pacifiers and my phone.

There are so many pluses to the parent in baby wearing with the Boba carrier.

  • Rather than carrying a heavy infant carrier, you can easily use a Boba soft carrier that can actually be easier on your body.
  • Knowing how difficult it can be to maneuver over uneven sidewalks or a simple escalator with a stroller, wearing your baby will mean better control and the ability to easily move about.
  • Although we may not get as much exercise in as we may want once baby comes, by wearing our baby, we are getting a bit more exercise. It is like getting in a walk and a little strength training at the same time.
  • Free hands! Putting baby in the Boba strapped on you can vacuum, grocery shop, or even hold another kiddo’s hand while walking.

While pregnant, baby wearing is still possible. I have found that it is more comfortable for me to carry “M” high on my back and thankfully the Boba carrier allows me to do that. I’m looking forward to continued use of this carrier through my pregnancy and through infancy with our upcoming arrival.


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