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The Best Way to Save For Your Child’s College Fund


I always chuckle a bit to myself when I hear someone speaking about how expensive babies are. They aren’t wrong. Babies do cost a lot of money, but it certainly doesn’t end there. In fact, it seems as if the older children get the more expensive they become! Now that Andrea and Andrew are both in school, it seems there is always something to budget for. Once we’ve purchased their school clothes and supplies… it’s already time to start thinking of the holidays. Then, when holiday ends, it seems the next is right around the corner!

The Best Way to Save For Your Child's College Fund

As much as I struggle to plan, I often feel that I’m scrambling to keep up with the fast place flow that is life with kids. Despite how overwhelming it can seem, my husband and I know that planning for the holidays, activities, and school expenses doesn’t even begin to touch the things that matter most to us. While we want them to have fun and enjoy their lives now; we also want to prepare them for the future so that they won’t have to stress about some of the things that will later come up.

The Best Way to Save For Your Child's College Fund

College is one of those things.

Planning for our kids’ education is one of the most important. That trumps most of the other things that we get caught up in during the day to day routine. Regardless, we’re determined to not let the expenses of a college education catch us off guard years from now. Instead, we’ve decided to start saving now, while they’re young, to best set them up for success in their future education!

The Best Way to Save For Your Child's College Fund

There’s a lot of information out there around saving, and things can get confusing quickly. Luckily there are places like Country Financial who are fully devoted to helping make saving for your children’s future seem simple. Their 529 plan not only allows parents to save; grandparents, corporations, friends, and tax-exempt organizations can all make contributions to your child’s 529 plan!


If you find yourself overwhelmed with planning and saving for your children now, do yourself a favor and make planning for their future easy! Check out the Country Financial website to learn more about how a 529 plan can help you plan early and well for your child’s future!


Disclosure – This post was sponsored by Country Financial. All thoughts are my own.


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