Budgeting for a Child’s Birthday Party


Sticking to a budget is something I have trouble with, especially when it comes to throwing a child’s birthday party. I’ve tried the envelope method, the “I’m only going to take this much out of our account” method and even tried the credit card method. The only option that I haven’t tried is the Visa Prepaid Card.

beach party favors
It all starts with the decorations.

I like to shop garage sales, Free-Cycle and asking around for hand me downs. Last year at my daughter’s birthday party, I was able to get the table decorations and Hawaiian grass for cheap from a friend online.

The beach party favors were put together with some great bargains that I found at our local party shop. I was able to create 8-10 beach party favors for under $20.

budgeting for a childs birthday party

Food at a child’s birthday party can be a big expense. Because of my daughter’s age and nap schedule, our parties always get planned around the lunch hour. Lunch hour parties usually mean you need to prepare food for your guests. When you have 15+ guests at your party, this can add up quickly.

Food preparation usually involves planning of a few meal ideas and running to the grocery store to buy the stuff to create them. Grocery prices these days are outrageous and I was finding that the food was becoming the main problem of our parties. Last year we catered in salad, pasta and a few sides. Still a big cost factor, but it seemed to help us stay in control a little more with our spending.

Visa Prepaid Cards seem to be a good option and I’m thinking about giving it a try this year.

How does a Visa Prepaid Card Work?

Purchase a Visa Prepaid, load it up with the money I am budgeting and then buy what you need. By using a Visa Prepaid card, I can’t over spend and that is the appealing feature for me. No overdraft fees, no screaming husband, our events will only be planned with the money that is available on the card.

Check out this video and see how easy it is to activate and load a Visa Prepaid Card

budgeting for a childs birthday party

Birthdays aren’t the only time a Visa Prepaid Card could come in handy.

Thinking about all of the other times we overspend…

Some of those times include vacations, Summer BBQ’s, Home Projects, Holidays (especially Christmas!). I could definitely benefit from a Visa Prepaid to help with better budgeting during any time of the year.

Do you have times when overspending a problem for you?


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