Chicco KidFit Booster Seat – Do You Know the Ages & Stages?


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Since birth, my children’s safety has been a top priority. From child proofing the home to making sure they are using a well protected car seat in the car. 

With a 7 year old and a 4 year old, I’ve been through my share of car seats and we are ready to make another transition. It’s hard to keep up with the current recommendations and sometimes you just don’t know what is appropriate until you see a friend post something on Facebook, or see an update on your favorite website.

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It’s so important to make sure that your child’s safety is maximized while being in the car, which is why I wanted to share this infographic from Chicco.

Do you know the ages and stages?


A lot of the recommendations have changed in the last five years, making it confusing to know if you are doing things right. 

According to this infographic, it’s getting close to the time for my daughter to move into a booster seat. Of course, she is very small for her age so we will keep her where she is at until the current car seat guidelines have been reached.

Chicco KidFit Small2

If you are looking for your child’s next booster seat, like us, take a peek at the Chicco KidFit Booster seat.

Ease of installation, use for the child and safety are my top 3 concerns and the KidFit booster covers all 3. Other bonus features include the high weight limit, up to 110 lbs, removable, machine-washable seat pad and armrest covers and two removable cup holders that can fold away when not in use.

Ever had a child get sick in the car?

I’ve been there and done that, more times then I would like to count. I’m so excited that the Chicco KidFit Booster seat is easy to clean and caters to my children.

My son’s older booster seat has cup holders that get in the way, there is stuff crusted in the seat and the cover is a pain in the butt to clean. While this isn’t a big feature that mom’s think about when purchasing a car seat, I’m telling you from experience that this feature is huge for me.

Chicco KidFit_SuperCinch

Installation is done with the LATCH attachment and with the one-pull tightener, the KidFit is kept in place. No more knees into the car seats!! 

Chicco KidFit_ErgoBoost

We take long road trips and there is nothing worse then hearing your child say their butt hurts. I really love the ErgoBoost double foam padding, providing comfort to your child is definitely a plus.

Chicco KidFit_DuoZone

When it’s time to move to a booster seat, you just want to be done buying car seats. That’s why it’s important for me to find a booster seat that will grow with my child. The Chicco KidFit Booster seat includes DuoZone, a feature that combines head and shoulder side-impact protection with 10 positions for growing children.

 For more information, visit Chicco online, and follow along with their Twitter andFacebook pages.