Planning a Cheap Family Holiday Vacation



Spring is right around the corner and thoughts of vacations are running through my mind. Since I recently lost my job, we are looking into cheap family holidays. Times are tough, money is tight, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the possibility of a relaxing vacation with your family.

Here are some tips that my family and I are using while planning our Spring and Summer vacation.

1. “Stay”cations! Who says you have to travel 1000’s of miles away just to have some R&R time? Find a nice lodge, waterpark, or resort and have a vacation closer to home. You will save on gas, mileage and time.

2. Bring your own entertainment. Rollerblades, boogie boards, pool toys etc. Rentals for these extra things can be as high as the cost to buy them! Check into the area you are going to and see what you can bring for fun.

3. Free Fun. Yep, I said free! Be choosey with your destination and choose a place that can provide a lot of free fun. Playtime on the beach, walk in the mountains, sight seeing, camping, etc.

4. Bring Friends Along. When you think family vacations you don’t really think about bringing your friends. If you have some friends with children, invite their family along and rent a vacation home. Not only will the bigger space be great, you can split the cost with your friends, and best part of all.. split baby sitting duties! This will give you and your honey a night out in vacation town to enjoy some time alone.

5. Travel during non peak times. Everyone is looking to vacation around the holidays. Hotels, car rentals, air travel will be the most expensive during these times. Choose a travel time the week before or week after the holiday when tourists have gone home.

These are just a start…

Where will you be vacationing this year?


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