Enjoying Summer with Clean Glasses and Ice Cream Floats | #MyPlatinum Cascade Platinum


 I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Cascade Platinum

Trying new products in the home is always a plus, it’s even better when that product becomes trusted enough to be apart of your families routines.

Over the last month, my family and I have had the opportunity to use the new Cascade Platinum and we have grown to really love it. We go through a lot of dishes in our home and most of the time there is a pile started before we can even get to them. Morning comes, and dishes from last night’s dinner are still sitting on the counter and often caked with food.

While we don’t intend of letting our dishes get hard with food, life happens and life is busy.

I used to think that all dish washing soap was the same, pre soaking the dishes was just apart of the routine. I’ve given the Cascade Platinum gel packs a run for their money with our dishes, including the filmy ones from our favorite float drinks in the Summer. You know what I’m talking about.. ice cream + soda pop + left over night = filmy mess inside of the glass.

ice cream float

Not once have I presoaked my dishes since using the Cascade Platinum, a gentle rinse under the water to get off any huge messes and then load them into the dishwasher.

Every single dish has come out sparkling clean, no stuck on food – even from my Bumbleberry Pie Sundae that we made!

There are plenty of chores to do around the house, not having to clean the dishwasher and not having to pre soak my dishes helps make my life a little easier. As moms, we can all use a little help. Am I right?

My Platinum Instagram Contest

Have you entered into the Cascade “My Platinum” instagram contest yet?

Week 3 is ending and the theme was “My Platinum Clink” – Submit an image of your favorite drinks in a shiny glass into the Instagram contest for this week’s entry!

Next week’s entry will be “My Platinum Table”, I’m kind of excited to see the entry of people’s tablescapes.

Be sure to submit your photos into the instagram contest for your chance to win a Kitchenaid Kitchen Makeover!

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