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Capture Life’s Moments with the Lifeproof iPhone Waterproof Case


As a parent, life can throw some pretty messy things your way. Ever accidentally dropped your cell phone in the toilet? I have!

I knew there had to be an answer to keeping my phone safe. The Lifeproof iPhone case claims to meet all of the requirements I had envisioned for an ideal iPhone 4 case. 

iphone waterproof case

The Lifeproof iPhone 4 case features:

  • Waterproof vents on all mics and speakers
  • Anti-reflective optical lens
  • Waterproof and dirt-proof seals on the case and all openings
  • Scratch-resistant waterproof screen protection
  • Polycarbonate frame
  • Non-stick cover
  • Shock protection

Needless to say, this sounded almost too good to be true.

iphone under water When opening the Lifeproof case, I was truly excited but a bit nervous to test it out. The first thing that I noticed was how compact the Lifeproof case was. It is not bulky or awkward, barely making the phone any bigger than it is without a case.

The fit and finish of the Lifeproof is excellent. The case snaps together firmly with an o-ring to seal out the environment. There are holes in the case with membranes to allow sound to pass through where the speakers and microphones are. The instructions state to put the case together and submerge it for an hour without the phone inside to test the case and also to ensure you can seal it properly before use. 

After an hour underwater, my case was still bone-dry inside.

How we tested the Lifeproof iPhone case:

My iPhone has survived being placed under water in my shower while playing music.

I also took it to a friend’s swimming pool a few days ago and jumped in.  My friends all gasped when I pulled my phone from my pocket.  They were even more shocked when I unlocked the screen and showed them that it worked perfectly. 

When the Lifeproof case is in place, the touch screen does not respond when submerged underwater. However, if you start the music player or video recorder before going under water, the iPhone will continue to do those things even when submerged.


iPhone bike mount Some other features that I enjoyed while using the Lifeproof:

  • The case doesn’t stick in my pocket and definitely seems rugged enough for my purposes.
  • There is a headphone adapter that screws into the case and allows you to use headphones while maintaining the waterproofing. There is a minor inconvenience of the ports accessibility while using the headphone adapter, as my car charger would not fit in place. This problem was easily remedied by using a USB car charger with an apple cord. The headphone adapter is not as rugged as the case, but I am fully confident that this case will be more than able to handle anything my toddler can throw at it.

Lifeproof also offers other products to keep you connected on the go such as the Lifeproof Bike & Bar Mount.

My husband has gotten back into cycling, keeping his phone on him for music or in case of emergency meant he needed to keep it in his pocket or strapped to his arm.

There are 3 different adapters so you can choose which to use for a secure fit on your stroller. We each took turns using the mount and really enjoyed having hands free exercise while using our iPhones.

We are both very impressed with these Lifeproof products and hope you will be, too!



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The Lifeproof iPhone Case comes in many different colors and can be purchased for $79.99


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