Can COVID Testing Help You Combat The Illness And Prevent Further Complications?


It is wise to get tested if you feel COVID symptoms, have recently been in contact with someone who has a confirmed case of the virus, or have recently traveled. COVID testing can help you take steps to care of yourself and prevent the virus from spreading to others. 

What are your COVID-19 testing options?

Easy to use home testing kits

Home testing kits for COVID enable people to test themselves from the comfort of their homes. These tests are ideal for people who cannot (or don’t want to) go out and wait in long queues during the pandemic. Self-testing at home can save lives and help control the spread of the virus.

Tests can be procured online or from many pharmacies. Individuals, families, and friend groups can obtain the test and self-administer the kit from their homes. PCR test results are typically available in 1 – 3 business days as these kits must be sent to a lab for processing. Rapid antigen test kits can provide same-day results, but their accuracy is slightly lower than PCR diagnostics.

In-home medical services

COVID testing by a professional medical service is another way to prevent the spread and get the answers you need. One significant benefit of an in-home medical service is that the patient doesn’t have to self-administer the test and risk collecting an insufficient sample, which could impact the test results. Drip Hydration, Color, Event Scan, and COVID clinic are in-home medical services that provide on-site COVID-19 testing in Washington DC

In addition to the standard PCR tests and rapid antigen tests, rapid PCR tests are available with a professional service. These tests are ideal for anyone who needs an accurate result quickly. They are also right for people who are about to travel and need proof of a negative COVID test in a specific time window prior to their trip.

Onsite tests have practical applications beyond in-home use. Regular onsite tests are also right for businesses. Offices and managers should make efforts to test staff as frequently as possible. Regular screenings will help identify any infected individuals and prevent them from unintentionally spreading the virus to others.

Accurate results helps patients seek prompt treatment

COVID has a wide variety of symptoms, including breathing difficulties, pneumonia, loss of taste, and fever. Unlike most other illnesses, though, it’s possible to have COVID without having symptoms at all. This makes getting tested crucial in order to prevent the spread, as an asymptomatic person can spread the virus the same as an infected individual. COVID testing helps get accurate results, quickly start an effective treatment plan, and break the chain of transmission.

COVID is still a new virus, and the ways that it can impact people in the long term are still being discovered. For example, one rare complication of the virus is that it can cause eye problems. Tests can identify if the patient’s illness is COVID or something else. If the illness is indeed COVID, doctors can recommend a treatment plan to help clear the virus out of the person’s system as quickly as possible.

Professional care alleviates discomfort

Severe fatigue is a common symptom of COVID-19. IV vitamin therapy provides immune-boosting infusions and energy boosts to help patients through their recovery. Trained nurses administer these IVs to boost the body’s immunity to better combat the virus. Many patients report feeling highly rejuvenated after an IV drip. On top of that, their body is better equipped to fight back an infection.