Buying tech toys for 11-year-old boys


Buying gifts for tween boys can be a bit of a challenge. By about 11 most are on the verge of puberty and are starting to see the world in a more grown-up way. Unsurprisingly, boys of that age want something new, fresh, and dynamic to play with. Toys or gadgets that will be seen by their peers as cool. Tech toys tick all of those boxes. However, tracking down the best tech gift for 11 year old boy takes a bit of effort. The level of choice can seem a little overwhelming. Fortunately, there are simple ways to quickly narrow down the options and pick a gift that will please any 11-year-old boy.

Set your budget

Tech toys are usually not cheap, and it is all too easy to end up spending more than you intended. So have a figure in mind before you start looking. If you do not have a lot to spend, don´t think that you cannot afford to buy tech-related gifts. Items like Bluetooth speakers, phone cases even air buds can all be bought for less than $25. Many radio control cars, walkie-talkies, even mini robots can also cost less than $25.

 Think about accessories and extras

Ideally, you want the child you are buying for to be able to immediately use whatever you buy. So, before you make your final purchasing decision check that it does not need batteries or an accessory to make it usable.

Consider buying STEM toys

An increased interest in science amongst tweens has been one of the side effects of the Covid pandemic. They have seen firsthand how important and interesting the sciences are. Many young children are now fascinated by the subjects and as you can see here are asking their parents to buy them STEM-related toys. 

Microscopes, engineering models, and science kits are just a few examples of STEM toys. Books and games that help children to explore the sciences also fall into this category.

Tap into what interests them

Buying tech gifts that will help them to pursue a hobby or interest is a good way to make sure that what you buy them gets played with. For example, if they play the guitar an automatic tuner may be just what they always wanted. Or perhaps a couple of lessons with a local guitar tutor or an online course to help them to take their playing to the next level.

Tech that helps them to get better at their chosen sport

For a boy who likes to play football a smart ball that automatically counts how many keepy-uppies they have done could be perfect. For most sports, there are gadgets available that an 11-year-old can master so that they can improve their performance.

A smartwatch

If they do not already have one a smartwatch could be a good gift. It is an effective way to get them more interested in staying active and fit. You can buy an activity tracker that has been specifically made with children in mind, like this one. But, for most 11-year-old boys a low-cost, but still fully featured smartwatch is usually the best option.

If you have children in your life that you regularly buy gifts for, keep an eye on the latest toy trends. That way when it is time to buy one you will already have a few ideas in mind.