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Britax Frontier 90 with ClickTight Installation


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One thing that has always bothered me about car seats, is how difficult it is to install them. Sometimes, a car seat needs to be moved when hauling objects in your car, when traveling and even when you need to switch up cars. Whether it’s changing the car seats around in the mini van or taking the car seat out to put into my husband’s car, the Britax Frontier 90 has made the process of installing a car seat so much easier.

Keep reading and I will tell you how they did it..

  Britax Frontier 90 - Easy to Install Car Seat #BabySafetyMonth

Last year, we had the opportunity to review the Britax Frontier 85 SICT Booster. Out of the box, the Britax Frontier 90 looks very similar to the 85 SICT Booster model. However, there are a few new features that are very much worth noting.

 Britax Frontier 90 - Easy to Install Car Seat #BabySafetyMonth

 Britax Frontier 90 - Easy to Install Car Seat #BabySafetyMonth

 Britax Frontier 90 - Easy to Install Car Seat #BabySafetyMonth

The biggest change in the Britax Frontier 90 is the addition of a ClickTight Installation System. The days of worrying about a “tight enough” installation are over!

The ClickTight Installation System allows every parent to install the car seat, using the vehicle’s seat belt, while in harness mode. This system ensures that the installation is tight and secure by tensioning and locking the vehicle’s seat belt into place.

I’ve had to move Andrea’s car seat a countless number of times and reinstalling it has taken less than 5 minutes. Easy Peasy and not even breaking a sweat!

Watch this cute Britax video to see how easy it is to use the ClickTight Installation System

 Britax Frontier 90 - Easy to Install Car Seat #BabySafetyMonth

Cup holders are fantastically amazing! While this seems like such a simple feature, cup holders give your child the perfect place to put their drinks (Sippy Cups fit!) and snacks while on the go. The Britax Frontier 85 SICT has this feature as well, I’m so glad this is a continued feature.
  Britax Frontier 90 - Easy to Install Car Seat #BabySafetyMonth

Britax, hands down!, has the best technology when it comes to the 5 point harness. I’ve never ever had a problem with the harness becoming tangled.

The 5 point harness also allows for 9 different height positions, which helps to distribute crash forces across the strongest parts of the body and provides for a secure fit.

HUGS, Harness Ultra Guard System, is a feature that you will only find on Britax. In the event of a crash, the HUGS chest pads will help to reduce forward movement of your child. It does this by adding friction to the harness against your child’s chest as they move forward during a crash.


 Britax Frontier 90 - Easy to Install Car Seat #BabySafetyMonth

Seen in most of the Britax convertible car seats, the front adjust harness feature is new to the Britax Frontier 90.

No longer are the days of having to rethread your child’s harness, or even having to uninstall the car seat to adjust the harness from the back.

Now, in the Britax Frontier 90, all you have to do is squeeze that grey bar located at the top of the headrest and pull upwards. By doing this, both the headrest and the harness is moved upward. Just let go of the grey bar and you will hear the headrest and harness lock into place.

 Britax Frontier 90 - Easy to Install Car Seat #BabySafetyMonth

Our family cars are both installed with Britax car seats. The mini van, that you see above, is installed with both the Frontier 90 and the 85 SICT. I love Britax car seats because they can be installed with upmost confidence and knowing that my children are safe is the best payback for my purchase.

While we still love the Britax 85 SICT, we plan to upgrade both seats to the Britax Frontier 90. The newly added features are worth the upgrade for my family.

If you are looking for a highback booster seat, that will give you all of these new features, can be used starting at 2 years old, allows the harness to be used up to 90Lbs and booster up to 120 Lbs, the Britax Frontier 90 is an awesome choice.

 Britax Frontier 90 - Easy to Install Car Seat #BabySafetyMonth


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