Bring Some Joy Into Your Life With Collectible Music Boxes


Music Boxes 1 Music boxes have long been favorite items for collectors and music lovers, and with so many music boxes on the market everyone can enjoy their favorite tunes and build a collection they can be proud of. From favorite cartoon characters to favorite classical composers, there is a music box available for just about everyone.

In fact there are as many different kinds of music boxes as there are music box collectors, and many collectors will collect a number of different styles of their favorite collectible. Music boxes are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors, and the tunes they play are as varied as their appearance. From the latest rock record to the oldest classical tunes, there are music boxes on the market to suit almost any style imaginable.

Music boxes are of course a popular collector’s item, and in fact many old music boxes have become quite valuable as works of art and as cherished art objects. Many people begin collecting music boxes when they start to travel, bringing home a treasured music box from every new destination. Many collectors of music boxes have begun their collections in just this way, and travel is always an impetus to many collectors.

Gift giving is also a great way to grow a music box collection, and being a collector of music boxes certainly makes the job of shopping easier for one’s family members and friends. Many family traditions have begun in just such a manner, with friends and family from around the country and around the world choosing music boxes from their own neck of the woods to bestow on the collector in the family.

Music Boxes 2 After the music box collection is well underway there are a number of unique ways to help it grow and thrive. There are of course plenty of stores that specialize in music boxes, including card shop and specialty gift retailers. In addition many toy stores and similar retailers carry a variety of music boxes, designed to foster a love of music among children. Department stores too often sell a variety of music boxes, some adorned with beautiful flowers and others with sleek modern lines.

For those with more specialized tastes there are an almost endless number of antique and collectible music boxes on the market. These unique collectibles can turn up nearly anywhere, from internet auctions to estate sales to the corner flea market. No matter where they are found, however, old music boxes can make a wonderful addition to any collection. One of the great things about collecting antique music boxes is that each one has its own unique stories to tell. Opening that antique music box opens the door on another time, when life was simpler and the joys of childhood were much different than they are today. Enjoying a music box is one of those simple pleasures that all too many people have forgotten about, but music box collectors understand that joy and revel in the memories only these unique collectibles can provide.

* This is a guest post written by Jessie


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