Breast Cancer Awareness Month | Grill Charms Sale 50% off Pink Collection



Leslie Haywood, the creator of Grill Charms, has been directly effected by Breast Cancer. She is a survivor and so is her mother.

What are Grill Charms you ask?

Use your individual Grill Charm(tm) to personalize your food before you grill to indicate your favorite sauces or flavors, avoid health or allergy issues or any reason you can dream up! Grill Charms(tm) help you mark or label your pork, chicken, burger, steak, tuna steak, portobello mushroom etc… before, during and after grilling.

In honor of breast cancer awareness month Grill Charms is offering 50% off of the Pink Collection of Grill Charms and 10% of the sales will be donated to help breast cancer research.

Promo Code : beatcancer50

Help this worthy cause, pick up some grill charms and get a great deal.

This sale starts now through the end of October



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  • This is kinda cool! We do a LOT of BBQing and this would be great to differentiate between my well-done steak and my husband's medium rare.
  • I love these grill charms, such a good idea! I'm a breast cancer survivor and I love the month of October and all the support shown towards research!
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