Brain Chase Online Summer Enrichment – $10,000 Treasure Hunt!



Summer is right around the corner and I’ve been looking for the perfect solution to entertain my kids and keep their minds sharp. Last year, we tried some online programs and workbooks, but those quickly died out. Interest was lost and it was taxing on me to keep reminding them everyday to do it.


This year, I was introduced to a new online program called Brain Chase and my 7 year old is actually counting down the days to get started. 

Keep reading to learn why Brain Chase is so exciting!

Brain Chase logo

What is Brain Chase?

Brain Chase, a 5 week learning challenge, is a motivational tool for getting kids to do online academic work during the summer.

The creators of Brain Chase knew that in order to do this, they had to think outside of the box and make this program irresistible to kids.

And I really think that they have done it!

They key to motivation? Participation in a massive global treasure hunt for a golden trophy containing the key to a safe deposit box holding $10,000.

Sunstone of Cortes banner

Starting the Chase

Brain Chase: The Sunstone of Cortés begins on Monday, June 22, 2015, at 9am ET.

This is when your child, along with all other adventurers around the globe, will log into Brain Chase to watch the first animated webisode and meet Mae Merriweather, the star of the show. 

Brain Chase character - Mae

Every week there will be four tasks to complete, these include reading for 15 minutes per day, write one journal entry, earn 10,000 points on Khan Academy, and do one bonus challenge. 

Once the tasks are completed, your child will unlock an episode in the journey. This episode will give your child clues and riddles to help them guess where the treasure’s location is.

2014 winner with map

This is Why My Kids are Hooked

The hunt for the Sunstone isn’t just fiction – there is a real golden Sunstone of Cortés and $10,000 buried somewhere on Earth. Every 24 hours, adventurers can log in to enter their guess of the treasure’s location. The first adventurer to guess the location within a two-mile radius travels with his/her family to the treasure site to claim the gold.

Brain Chase characters

 Brain Chase is Interactive!

During the 5 week challenge, your child will receive 3 different packages in the mail. Because really, what child doesn’t love to receive mail?

In the package, there will be items that will help to solve bonus challenges during the 5 weeks. 

Traveling on vacation?

Brain Chase takes it a step further and gives you the opportunity to tell them your summer plans. If your child will be at camp, or if you are on vacation, Brain Chase will make every effort to make sure your “special delivery” mail will arrive at your destination.

Boy on computer

Upcoming Giveaway

I’m really excited to get started with my kids in the Brain Chase summer adventure! Next month, I will be sharing more with you before the adventure starts. Also, I will be giving away a free membership for one lucky reader! 

Stay tuned for that..

Ready to Signup?

If you are ready to get signed up for Brain Chase, please use this discount code MOMMITY15 and it will give you a 15% off discount!


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