Blooper Shots from Recent Photo Attempts Product Reviews


Getting your kids to cooperate for a picture is hard. Getting your kids to cooperate for a picture when you need them to model something is even harder.

When we bring you a product review there are a few pictures included with use of the product.. what you don’t see is all the fun that goes into getting those pictures. Often times it can take 20-50 pictures just to get 1 that will work.

Here’s just a few that I would like to share with you…

 pillow racer

Andrew… say cheese! No Andrew, that looks like you are going to the bathroom. Can we try again?

boy on fireplace

Alright Andrew.. a little better but now you look like you are hanging on for dear life

sitting on fireplace

Stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down.. I can see you are getting antsy now.
Perhaps this review will have to take place tomorrow.

eating in highchair

Andrea! Does it really taste that bad?

easter picture

I know you think that your appendages are fun to hold onto, can we take our hands off and smile please?

group shot fail

And of course we have the runaway toddler, while the other is trying to hold her in place.

There you have it..

Just a few bloopers from some of our recent photo attempts.

We have some great ones for you next week so stay tuned!


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