And He’s 6! Birthday Party – Balloons – Bounce Houses


I don’t know why, but it definitely feels like time is moving a lot faster with my first born, than with my 3 year old. My little guy just celebrated his sixth birthday.

His wish was a bounce house birthday party. I searched everywhere in the nearest bounce house vicinity and there were only a few options, which mostly entailed $150 for one hour of play, presents and cake. We looked around and renting a bounce house seemed like a better option. So we took a chance with the weather and decided to have a bounce house birthday party at home!

Sixth Birthday

Balloons trapped on the door for a morning Birthday surprise!

Since his elves arrived the night before, we decided to have a little fun. Using streamers and some scotch tape, we taped streamers across his door and then stuffed balloons behind them. When Andrew woke up in the morning, we heard a flood of balloons hit the floor and he said “That’s funny!” hahaha. Upon finding the elves, they were caught with some streamers and balloons in their hands. It was a good time and started off the morning in a very special way. I think this may become a yearly tradition.

Bounce House Fun

The weather was a perfect 60 degrees and sunny! Quite a change from the 20-30 degree weather we have seen in the last couple of weeks. The bounce house included a jumping area and a huge slide. The kids had a blast! They dropped off the bounce house around 10am and let us keep it until 5pm, a full day of fun for the same cost of a bounce house party place. Totally worth it, if you were to ask me!

Birthday cupcakes

Birthday boy!


He wasn’t quite sure what the theme of his party would be, so treat bags consisted of Mickey Mouse, Cars, we had chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting and added a potpourri of decorations around the house. One of the most laid back birthday parties we have ever had, and it was fun for all.

I’m excited to see what the next year will bring us, the drama, attitudes, and all..

Do you have any words of wisdom for parenting a 6 year old?


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