Big Bellies : Did My Son Just Say That?


Big BellyToday was my first moment of embarrassment from something my son said…

I knew this day was going to come and you don’t realize how happy and lucky I am that this day came in the car, not face to face with a stranger.

This afternoon my husband, son, daughter and I all went out driving around, stopped at a few places to eat and shop, then it happened.

We rolled up to our local electronics store and just as I was getting out of the car my husband and I hear “Big Belly Mommy”, my husband and I turned around and said HUH? “Lady has a big belly!” my 3 year old said, I about died and my husband could barely bite his lip trying not to laugh.

My husband and I turn around to see a rather large woman walking by, we just couldn’t believe our 3 year old just said that! Where did he learn this!?!

Granted it wasn’t funny that my son was saying that lady has a big belly and I’m not skinny by any means myself, but to hear something like that come out of his mouth with his tiny little voice made me laugh, rather hard.

Now of course because he saw us laughing, on the way home in the back seat my husband and I hear “Big belly at the store mommy” and then he giggles.

Looks like I have a new lesson to teach my son and something tells me this won’t be the last thing we hear!



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