Behind the Scenes at Applebee’s Headquarters | Bloggers Summit



If you haven’t been to Applebee’s lately you should check it out, specially if you are trying to watch your waist line!

There are great tasting options all under 500 calories alongside a mouth watering Weight Watchers entrée menu.

Applebee's 550 Calorie Menu Options

This coming Monday, February 20th, there will be 3 new entrees featured under the Weight Watchers menu and today I’m taking a trip down to the Applebee’s headquarters here in Kansas City to get a Behind the Menu look!

10 other bloggers and I will get a behind the scenes look at the Applebee’s brand, how dishes are made onto the menu and an unveiling of the new entrees!

Applebee's Weight Watchers Menu Options

I’m excited to bring you fun coverage from this bloggers summit and can’t wait to tell you all about it. Be sure to follow me on Facebook for the latest updates!

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Connect with Applebee’s for the latest updates on the company and menu!

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