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Back to School : How I Spent My First Day With An Empty Nest


This morning, I was talking to a girlfriend at the gym about life at home without the kids. Last week, our kids went back to school and for the first time, my house has been quiet. I just sent my little one off to Kindergarten! *insert tears here*

Back to School : How I Spent My First Day With An Empty Nest

There has been some adjusting to life at home without the kids and one of the biggest freedoms has been to run my errands alone, no whining, no begging for treats and song choirs of “I have to use the bathroom” every 10 minutes.

A lot of errands have been sitting on the back burner for some time, mainly for the reason above. So once school started, I packed up my bags and headed out to Target! 

Back to School : How I Spent My First Day With An Empty Nest

I walked inside, grabbed my iced coffee from Starbucks and went along my way. I could seriously hear the angels singing for me!

Back to School : How I Spent My First Day With An Empty Nest

My list of things to do has been piling up, which included filling prescriptions, getting birthday supplies for Andrea’s party this weekend, printing out photos for all of the upcoming school projects, having some “me time” to shop for new workout clothes and grab a few groceries. You know, all of the things that kids DREAD shopping for.

I knew that all of this shopping could be done at Target, and then some.. What I didn’t know, is that the Target Pharmacy has now changed over to a CVS Pharmacy! My two stop trip just turned into one. 

Back to School : How I Spent My First Day With An Empty Nest

All over the country, Target has transitioned their pharmacy into a CVS Pharmacy.

We have used the CVS Pharmacy for years and love many of the rewards and features that they offer. One of the most rewarding features is the ExtraCare Rewards and Pharmacy and Health Rewards program. Patients can earn $5 in ExtraBucks Rewards for every 10 prescriptions filled. I can also earn rewards just for doing things to stay healthy, like getting immunizations or choosing email refill reminders.

I also love how they make getting your refills easier!

Back to School : How I Spent My First Day With An Empty Nest

With the CVS mobile app, it will not only notify me when prescriptions are ready to be picked up, it also makes the refill process easier.

Here are some of the additional tools available through the CVS Pharmacy app:

•  Apple Watch App Integration: The CVS Pharmacy mobile app is now Apple Watch compatible, to help notify customers when prescriptions are ready, and make it easy to refill prescriptions and check information at a glance

•  Scan Paper Script: This tool enables customers to quickly and conveniently start the prescription fill process by capturing a photo of their written prescription through the CVS Pharmacy mobile app

•  Insurance Card Scan: Customers can easily share new insurance information with their pharmacist by taking a photo of their insurance card, instantly updating data across our store systems

•  MedRemind: This tool helps customers stay on track with their medication schedules by enabling them to customize reminders to take their prescriptions at the right time and notifications to caregivers when a dose is missed

My friends tell me that it will take all but 10 minutes to get adjusted. While I miss my babies being gone, hearing their laughter and listening to their stories, my trip to Target this morning was pretty amazing. 

Disclosure: I’m proud to be working with CVS Pharmacy on the CVS Pharmacy Difference Campaign. All opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.


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