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There are soo many decisions to be made when it comes to a new baby. Breastfeeding, or bottle-feeding. Nursery or room sharing? Crib/bassinet or bed sharing… the list goes on and. Regardless of your child rearing preferences; there are some products that are just helpful across the board! Boppy makes many of these products! The Boppy maternity cuddle pillow is a true multi use product that you’ll love. I began using mine before the baby even came, as It can be hard to find a comfortable incline when trying to sleep during the last trimester. Luckily, the Boppy maternity cuddle pillow helped me prop myself up without the inconvenience.

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Therapeutic Pillow: Boppy Maternity Cuddle Pillow

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Price: $32.99 – Buy Now

Once baby came, the Boppy proved to be a lifesaver when it came to freeing my hands. For this gift guide, I received this Boppy Newborn and Infant Lounger in the Sunday Stroll pattern, much similar to the Boppy Lounger that my little one had. Not only is this lounger super cute and comfy, the baby LOVED it as well!  It’s hard having a newborn since they can’t communicate with you on their likes and dislikes verbally. Instead, you have to make decisions based on any cues you can take from their action. With the Boppy, my little girl was putting out cues that it was love at first use! I could tell she was comfortable and quite content.

Baby Shower Gift Guide - Day 2 - Boppy Must Haves!

Another great thing about the Boppy Newborn & Infant Lounger Pillow is the overall convenience and portability. With my first child, I quickly learned that many baby products aren’t very portable once you leave the home. The Boppy Newborn & Infant Lounger, however, is not like that at all! I have easily packed this pillow away in the car to take to friend’s homes when we’re visiting. It has proven to be a safe and comfortable place for baby to sit during our visit, and I love that she was always right there at arms reach.

Newborn and Infant Lounger – Green Sunday Stroll

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Price: $29.84 – Buy Now

Boppy1 The Boppy is tailor made to provide convenience to parents, and both the pillow and the removable pillow cover are machine washable. Comfort, safety, convenience, easy to clean, and ease of storage…. A  few of the many reasons the Boppy is a gift registry must have!

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Stay tuned for other essentials for your baby shower registry, along with a MEGA giveaway!

Disclosure – Product was received for purpose of this gift guide. All product is being donated to a mom to be. All thoughts are my own.


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