6 Creative Ways to Baby Proof Your Home With Common Household Objects


There are so many products available on the market to help you baby proof your home. But what happens when you can’t get to the store and your baby figures out how to open every single cabinet, door, and drawer in your home? Before pure panic kicks in, here are some “in a pinch” baby proofing solutions that really work!


  • Does your little one love to rummage through the fridge on their own? Keep that door closed in aduct tape pinch with a long piece of clear packing tape! Fold over one end so you have a tab to peel back when you want to get in there, but your little on won’t be strong enough to break the seal caused by the tape.
  • Hair ties, rubber bands or yarn can be used at any time to keep cabinet doors closed.
  • Outlets can be a big problem. If you find that you ran out of covers, a piece of duct tape over the outlet cover can keep them out of sight until you can get real covers.


  • A piece of packing tape will work in a second to keep baby out of the toilet.

Living/Family Room

  • To prevent extra cord from hanging out (from the TV, lamps, computers or other electronics), use a zip tie or twist tie to hold them together and tuck them out of your little ones reach.
  • For sharp corners on tables, a foam pool noodle can work wonders. Cut a slit lengthwise and slip the noodle on the edge of the table to add a protective cushion.

Packing tape can be used to hold most anything closed, and doesn’t leave a sticky residue when peeled off (it is a very versatile product to have on hand!).

What are some in a pinch baby proofing methods you have used?


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