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The biggest challenge that I’ve have had as a mother, is knowing whether or not I’ve engaged and challenged my children enough.

We will often come up with spontaneous ideas to do a craft, then find out that we need glue, or the paint is dried out.

Plans can quickly crumble and then the mood is ruined. Crafts get pushed off to the side burner.

So I came across a company called BabbaCo that seems to be a solution to this never ending problem of ours.

What is a BabbaCo Box?

BabbaBox is a fun activity box that includes 4 major components centered around the ways kids engage and learn:


"Create" are 2 projects they make themselves. 

"Explore" is an activity with a provided project or object to engage with the world. 

"Story tell" is a bestselling book that best represents the theme through a story. 

"Connect" is the digital downloads.

There is enough to engage throughout the month depending on how the parent uses the projects.


How does the BabbaBox work?

I have just purchased my first BabbaBox today and we are so excited to get it! I’ve seen many versions of the “Boxes” that are mailed to you each month. Not once have I been intrigued to purchase one, until now…

The BabbaBox is a convenient way to start engaging with your kids. Each month a new activity box is sent to you, they are designed for your child’s age and they come with ALL of the materials that you need to complete each project.

Seriously… just open the box and start spending time with your kids. No need to run to the store to gather extra materials or searching for the glue around your house.


BabbaBox is the perfect Gift!

Most of us are looking for the perfect and unique gift to give to our children, nieces, nephews, and grand children.

Think outside of the cars, toys, and clothes. The BabbaBox is truly unique and enriching! With a BabbaBox, your child will be engaged with hands on projects that they can keep forever.

Toys end up in a corner after 10 minutes, am I right?

Each month BabbaBox has a different theme and they can range from Recycling to Awesome Artist. In the Awesome Artist box, your child will learn about Pop Art by printing their own t shirt that they can proudly wear!

Take a look at what is inside of a BabbaBox,
here is a video clip from the box that was sent out in September.
Click Here to view the video!

I have been looking for fun and engaging things to do with my 2 year old while her brother is in school. The BabbaBox is perfect! Our first box that we purchased is due to come in December, I will give you a sneak peek when it arrives!


It’s the Holiday Season and BabbaCo is giving away a $1500 shopping spree!

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*This article is sponsored by BabbaCo


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