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We all have that one person on our Christmas list who is so very hard to shop for. One person who has everything, what else could they possible need or want?

I have a few of those people on my list!

Then there is the option of buying them a gift card, if you are anything like me a gift card is still a tough decision. Where would that person like to shop?

Array Gift is here to save the day!

Give the perfect gift ever and get your friends and family an Array Gift Card. With Array Gift your recipient can choose from over 500 places to redeem for a gift card of their choice. This is a no fail gift! Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, you name it.

Let me tell you how it works…

First head on over to the Array Gift Card website and purchase an instant Array, from there you will be able to print or email your Array certificate to your recipient.

Give your Array certificate to a friend or family member and watch their face light up!

Why you ask? Well now your friend or family member can go to the Array Gift Card website, redeem their Array certificate and choose from over 500 gift cards to the retailers you all know and love.

What I Love

I had a chance to try out the Array Gift website and loved the experience! When I went to find a retailer to redeem my gift card to there were options such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot and my favorite choice.. Amazon!

My Array Gift Certificate was redeemed to as I’ve been wanting a new camera for a while, this was so nice to help with the cost and it was great that I could choose my own retailer to shop from. Haven’t you all gotten a gift card that just made you think.. man I wish this gift was was to so and so?

Love Array Gift, makes gift giving easy! Best part of all, Array Gift Certificates don’t ever expire and there are no fees.


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