Apple Cherry Homemade Baby Food Popsicles for Toddlers


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When my children were babies, I was so excited to make their baby food. There are so many homemade baby food gadgets out there and they all made the process look so easy and fun!

I remember making the trip up to our local Walmart to see what they had to offer. I stood in the aisles, walked up and down them for what seemed to be an hour. It was really neat that there were so many options but those options made the decision making process really hard. I had my baby with me in the cart, she was hungry, growing tired and the shopping experience just went from fun and exciting to stressful. Baby food making tools aren’t cheap! You can’t just grab things and hope for the best.

I went home with my hungry and tired baby, fed her, laid her down for a nap and went online to to look over the selection again. Not only is the selection wider than what was in my store, I was able to read real reviews from other moms who have used the products themselves. When I was done shopping online, let me choose the option for in store pickup and we went to pick up the purchase that same day.

Apple Cherry Homemade Baby Food

After much deliberation, I choose the Baby Brezza and many of their accessories to help with the task. Best decision ever!!

My youngest baby is now 3 years old and we still use the Baby Brezza. She loves homemade applesauce and popsicles, and the Baby Brezza makes the entire process so effortless and simple.

Apple Cherry Homemade Baby Food Popsicles for Toddlers

One of her favorite baby food recipes in the Baby Brezza is apples and cherries. It’s a nice, sweet and healthy treat that has continued on even into the toddler years.

The baby food itself consists of 1 chopped up apple, then we chop up some cherries and fill the Baby Brezza to the top. To turn this into a healthy toddler treat, we add two containers of greek vanilla yogurt to the already blended fruit, mix it up and freeze it for a few hours.

Apple Cherry Homemade Baby Food Popsicles for ToddlersI found these really neat popsicle trays from Zoku. They are perfect for little kids and work great with our baby food popsicles. You pour the baby food/yogurt mixture into the mold, put the white sticks in and remove the popsicles by sliding the silicone mold off. No rinsing under hot water. These are the ultimate convenience for moms and kids!

Apple Cherry Homemade Baby Food Popsicles for Toddlers

I still purchase our baby food making products from and have a new purchase coming up! Check these out…

Food pouches from Squooshi at

My kids love those applesauce pouches that you can buy premade. These are reusable food pouches from Squooshi and other moms have given them 4 stars. I would love to create some pouches using fresh ingredients. Definitely worth a try!

I love the convenience that gives me as a busy mom and can’t wait to pick up our purchase. I will update you with how they work. Stay tuned!


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