Ringing in the New Year with All Hail King Julien! Netflix Original


If you you’ve ever watched the movie Madagascar, chances are you’ve had the song “I like to Move it, Move” stuck in your head for a days on end! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times the kids and I have found it completely appropriate to bust out in that song at the most random of moments! Of all the movies catchy tunes, that was by far my fav!

Not just for the song itself, but for the vivid image of King Julien gettin’ down as he moved and grooved to it! With his upbeat demeanor and hilarious antics, he has got to be one of the all time funniest cartoon characters ever.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one that thought so!

Ringing in the New Year with All Hail King Julien! Netflix Original

As of Dec. 19th, King Julien has it it big with his very own original Netflix series called All Hail King Julien! This movie will, of course, be totally hilarious and totally insane! Not only will he take on the jungle’s craziest adventures, he’ll do it with the help of his loyal sidekicks! You wouldn’t expect him to have his own show and not invite Maurice and Mort to make appearances, right?

The gang will also meet whole new cast colorful animals along their adventure! I can only imagine all of the silliness and humor that will erupt, and I’m sure there will be  new catchy songs to stick in my head and take me into the new year!

Speaking of the new year…

Ringing in the New Year with All Hail King Julien! Netflix Original

We like a party around our house just as much as King Julien, and will be using him as an inspiration to ring in the New Year! Our All Hail King Julien party kit includes party hats, balloons, New Year’s Eve glasses and more!

The first 5 episodes of this series have already launched, so be sure to hop on over to Netflix and check them out yourself!

Disclosure : This post is part of the Netflix StreamTeam. All thoughts are 100% my own.


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