High Protein Options for After Work-Out Snacking #HillshireSnackPros


Fitness has become a new way of life for me, really it has become addicting! I love what it is doing for my health, attitude and overall energy. Speaking of energy, having a more active lifestyle has required a lot more protein to keep me going.

I’ve been searching for new sources of protein to eat after my workouts, many of them being high in calories too. It’s hard to find the right balance, you don’t want to undo an entire workout with a 250 calorie protein bar!

Then I ran into Hillshire Snacks.

High Protein Options for After Work-Out Snacking #HillshireSnackPros

Hillshire Snacking features premium meats like grilled, seasoned chicken breast and hand crafted salami, and at least 15g of protein per serving.

Available in 8 different varieties, including Grilled Chicken Bites paired with Teriyaki or Sweet Chili dipping sauce and Small Plates with Genoa Salami and Gouda, Hillshire Snacking options are perfectly portioned for an everyday snack at home or on-the-go, no prep required. 

High Protein Options for After Work-Out Snacking #HillshireSnackPros

I love chili sauce and decided to give the Hillshire grilled chicken with sweet chili sauce a try. The package gives you an option to eat it cold or to heat it up, being on the go doesn’t give me an option to warm it up so cold it was!

Nutritional wise, these tasty little chicken bites are perfect for my after work-out snack. Each package has 140 calories and 15g of protein, coming out to a points value of 3 points plus.

I’ve grown really fond of these bite size snacks, they give me lots of energy after my work-outs and I’ve even found that they are perfect for really busy days.

I share a lot of my weight watchers stuff on Instagram with a large community of support, yesterday I shared my lunch because it was one of those “finger foods” kind of lunch days.

You can find new Hillshire Snacking varieties in the refrigerated aisle of Cincinnati, OH, Dayton, OH and Northern Kentucky Kroger stores, as well as at King Soopers and Super Target stores nationwide.

I had a little trouble finding them, but hopefully they will be everywhere soon. I love them as part of my weight watchers plan!

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