After Christmas Decorations | Decorating for Winter


We took our Christmas decorations down yesterday, this bums me out every year because our house always looks so bare!

I sat and pondered today about what kind of decorations could be put up for winter, not so wintery that they scream Christmas, but warm and cozy enough until it is time to decorate for the next holiday.

Pinterest is always the method to my madness and here is what I found today


Photo and Craft Instructions by Craft Goodies

I saw this little guy and thought “How easy and cute!!”. You could replace the wreath hanging on your door with this perfect little snowman and leave it for months to come.


Restoration House is the creator of this great décor! You should see what else she did with her mantle. I saw these light up battery operated twigs are our local discount décor store for a couple bucks. This could be so easy and affordable to make! Just love the warmth feel that it brings.

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This came from Providence Interior Design. You always see candle creations for winter made with pinecones, twigs or fake snow. I’ve never seen an arrangement done with acorns before! The white candles and acorns make this so pretty.

Here are some other ideas to get you through the winter months

– Move around your furniture to fill bare spots

– If you have a smaller tree, repurpose the tree and decorate for different holidays all year round

– Bring some greenery into your home, white plants will bring a feeling of winter

– Bring some big cozy throws out and put them on your couch

What ideas have you found for decorating the home after Christmas? 


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