About Me

Hello and thanks for dropping by! If you’ve reached this little piece of the internet in search of information on fitness, food, technology, or all things parenting… you’re in the right place! This is also a great resource for those looking for information on Kansas City, including local events and businesses.


My name is Amanda and I am a wife, mother of two children and a fur baby (an adorable little kitten who has recently joined our family), and Kansas City native with a passion for fitness and travel. My other passions include writing, styling hair, and capturing beautiful moments on camera! I spend my days caring for my home and training for my first power lifting competition!

Behind the Scenes

Mommity - About Me

My family is a very heavy driving force behind Mommity.com, and you’ll hear lots about them as you read along. My daughter Andrea is 6, and just started Kindergarten. She loves princesses, getting all dolled up in fancy clothes, and has an extremely strong thirst for knowledge.

Mommity - About Me

My son Andrew, 9, is my aspiring baseball star. He loves every aspect of the sport, and of course cheering out our hometown hero’s; the Kansas City Royals. He dreams of one day playing for them! At 1, Andrew was diagnosed with peanut and tree nut allergies. I am always looking for fun and creative recipes, along with great tips and restaurants that accommodate these allergies. These are just a few of the many things I enjoy sharing with you via the blog!

My Fitness Journey

Mommity - About Me

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being a mommy, it’s the importance of taking care of your FIRST! I made the decision to start caring for myself better a couple of years ago, so that I would be healthier both for my family and myself. I set health goals for myself, and stuck with them. My goals include eating healthier, training in the gym regularly, and being more active overall all. Since beginning my fitness journey I’ve managed to lose 80 pounds, and gain more strength than I ever thought possible! I continue to set new health goals and push towards them daily.

Whether you’re looking for tips about fitness, parenting advice, allergy friendly recipes, family friendly recipes, crafts for the “uncrafty”, or family friendly product reviews; you’re bound to find plenty to interest you here on Mommity!


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