A Summer Baby: What to Buy?


*This post was contributed by Tanya K.

The time of year you have your baby can make a big difference to the ever-growing list of  items that you need to buy for the new arrival. While in winter you’ll want to wrap baby up in snowsuits, blankets and cosy toes, a summer baby can travel much lighter! Pop this little lot on your summer baby shopping list and have fun preparing for your new little one!


Babygrows, Rompers and Bodysuits

Forget frill and fuss – keep things simple for a newborn with lightweight babygrows, rompers and bodysuits. These easy to wear essentials are soft on delicate skin and will keep baby cool and comfortable in warm weather.

George at ASDA has some fantastic value multi pack babygrows, ideal for stocking up on if you’re on a budget. Seven packs of bodysuits, for example, cost just $12.

Romper suits are a great outfit choice for summer babies, and you’ll find some super cute designs online, including The Muppets, stripes, apples, stars, flowers, skull prints, animals and much more! Get one for every day of the week for your baby, without breaking the bank.

There’s really no need to kit out a newborn in designer togs or fancy gear – you’re likely to get plenty of that given as gifts anyway. Keep their summer wardrobe relaxed with a great selection of babygrows, rompers and bodysuits.

Soft Sandals

While baby doesn’t need shoes for walking, she will need something to protect her delicate feet from the sun’s rays. Cotton pop ons are ideal, at just $3 a pair from George at ASDA. For something a little cuter you’ll find soft shoes, sandals and booties that are perfect for prewalkers.

5053120808129 Sun Hats

Hats are a summer essential for all children, but newborn babies need especially careful protection. Choose hats with a trim all the way around, rather than peaked caps, to protect little ears and necks too. There’s no reason why your baby can’t look cute in her little hats – there are loads of sweet styles to choose from – but the most important this is to remember to take a hat with you every time you leave the house with your little one. Consider keeping a spare in your changing bag or buggy at all times, in case one gets lost or you make an unexpected trip to the park. It’s sure to come in useful and it’s much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your precious little bundle from the sun’s harmful rays.

Parasol, UV Cover and Sunshade

On the same note, you’ll also need to buy a parasol or UV cover for your pram and car seat, as well as sunshades for the car. Remember that your baby can’t tell you if he is uncomfortable, too hot, or being blinded by direct sunlight, so be aware of the position of the sun on your baby at all times.

Lightweight Blankets and Cotton Muslins

Rather than thick fleecy blankets, you’ll want lightweight cotton blankets for baby to keep them cool rather than warm. One clever, budget friendly option is to buy multi packs of thin cotton muslins to use as light cover ups.

Sun Protection

Consult with your midwife, doctor or pharmacist to find sun protection that’s suitable for newborn babies, but bear in mind that you should avoid having a newborn in direct sunshine as much as possible. Recent guidelines state that sunscreen is best avoided under six months of age, so try to keep your baby shaded instead of slathering on the cream.

Having a summer baby is a joy, but making sure that they are protected can be a worry for parents. Cool comfortable clothing and taking a sensible approach to sun exposure are needed – if in doubt, ask your midwife or health visitor for advice.