A Spring Break that Wasn’t So Fun | Update to Our Week


sick baby

This was the scene around my house this week.

My children haven’t left my side for more than a minute.

Andrew was supposed to be enjoying his Spring break and instead, came down with the sickies. I won’t go into the gory details, but it ended up with an urgent care visit on Thursday for dehydration. His diagnosis was a GI bug that had been going around like wildfire.

Friday came, our 80 degree weather was beautiful and we all got outside to play. It was wonderful! The kids pulled out their shorts, we played in the driveway with rocks, tossed the ball around, role played with the kids in their Power Wheels and just had a nice time. Definitely a taste of Spring!

That evening, little miss Andrea came down with the same bug as Andrew. Of course it had to happen during our car ride, 15 minutes away, in her car seat and nothing to clean it up.

I washed her car seat cover and scrubbed the straps and plastic. But the smell won’t go away! I’m hoping that a little airing out will do the trick, but if you have any tips on how to clean up a car seat and rid of throw up smell, please let me know!

She was so miserable, wouldn’t leave my side most of the weekend so we had lots of snuggle time with her on the couch.

Having two sick kids at the same time can really wear a momma out!

Thankfully, both kiddos are on the mend! Just wanted to share our wonderful Spring Break story and let you all know why things have been a little quiet around here.

I hope you all are staying healthy! It’s definitely that time of year again.


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