A Little Girl’s Birthday


baby girl in tutu

I knew from the moment my firstborn turned 3 months old that I wanted to have another child, though my husband took a little bit of convincing.

Looking back now, it probably wasn’t a good idea to bring up another baby when we were looking down at a new baby crying during his 5 O’Clock meltdown.

After a few years of convincing, in 2009 we decided to give it another try for one more child. This was so exciting for us as we didn’t really experience the planning stages of becoming pregnant with my first born.

Three months later and after many many pregnancy tests, it finally happened. I still remember everything just like it was yesterday. December came and it was our third month of trying. I had everything planned out and knew from my OPK that the week of Christmas would be THE week. Funny how things don’t plan out quite like you expect because I spent the entire weekend after Christmas crying because my gut said it was another wasted month.

We went with it and left it up to the man above to do his thing.

New Years Eve came and we had a game night with some friends. I remember ordering pizza for dinner, my tummy was super hungry, and I ate well more than my share of pizza. Next minute, I was having heartburn like none other.

It was like a light bulb shined over my head because I have never had heartburn before. I remember leaning over to my friend, Danielle, and told her… “I think this is it, better not drink tonight LOL”. It’s so weird how your gut just tells you these things, all a sudden I just knew that I was pregnant.

37 Weeks later, Andrea was born. Was one of the happiest days of my life to give birth to my own daughter.

Happy 2nd Birthday to you Andrea!!


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