9 Ways to Store and Organize Your Cloth Diapers


We had a fun discussion on Facebook yesterday about
“How do you store your baby’s cloth diapers?”


Screen Shot 2012-08-03 at 3.45.16 PMHere are some of the responses we received:

“In clear plastic tubs on the changing table shelves. They barely fit now.”

“Mine are stacked in a armoire. One side is of the cabinet is all cloth :) I store my wipes in a basket along with spray bottle and snappis.”

“Not like that but I wish! I have 2 Thirty-One totes with AIOs/Fitteds in one & covers/prefolds in the other. Then next to those totes I have the cloth wipes.”

“Definitely don’t store them like this…we use them right out of the dryer…. lazy. but this is heavenly…who wants to come do this for me??:)”

“Ha! I wish with 2 in diapers I am lucky I get to stuff them and put them in baskets!”

You all had so many great responses and inspired me to search for more fun ways to store your cloth diapers. My weapon? Of course, Pinterest.



Do any of these look like your cloth diaper stash?


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