9 Nut Allergy Alternatives for Peanut Butter


Newly diagnosed with a nut allergy? Alternatives to peanut butter can be hard to find sometimes, specially when so many products either contain nuts or they are manufactured with nuts.

For many people, avoiding products with nuts is not a choice. Food allergies are on the rise and peanut allergies are some of the most common and the most problematic. With peanut butter being a staple for so many families, what do you do when eating peanuts is no longer an option?

Thankfully, with the level of awareness that is starting to grow about nut allergies, many brands are starting to offer alternative options to peanut butter.

9 Nut Allergy Alternatives for Peanut Butter

Here is a list of 9 nut allergy alternatives for peanut butter

  • Sunflower Seed Spread  – Our favorite brand of sunflower seed spread is SunButter. This is a delicious option when looking for a spread that is close in comparison to peanut butter. SunButter is made from roasted sunflower seeds, is completely peanut free, tree nut free and gluten free.
  • Soy Butter Spread – Another great option is a soy butter spread. We’ve only tried a few options of soy butter, but you can find brands such as WOWBUTTER, SoyNut Butter (this comes in chocolate, honey, original and other great varieties)
  • Peabutter – Canada Based NoNuts Golden Peabutter is a gluten free, tree nut free and peanut free spread.
  • Almond Butter – If your allergy is only to peanuts, and not to tree nuts, almond butter is a great alternative. Some brands you might try are Barney Butter (peanut free and gluten free) and Jif makes a creamy and crunch almond butter variety.
  • Cashew Butter  – Jif also makes a cashew butter variety and Artisana Foods makes an organic variety that is peanut free and gluten free.
  • Hummus – Hummus isn’t for everyone and doesn’t entirely replace the need for peanut butter, but it is a great alternative when you need a peanut free spread. Hummus is made with garbanzo beans and sesame seed butter. Our favorite variety is Tribe Hummus.

In addition to these store bought, brand options, you can always incorporate ingredients into a recipe of your own. There are a ton of great recipes for hummus, cashew spreads, sunflower seed spreads all over Pinterest.

You can follow my “Peanut Butter Alternatives” board on Pinterest for more great ideas, I will always be adding more so you will keep having new ideas of what to spread onto your next sandwich.

Do you have a favorite brand that wasn’t mentioned above? Please leave it in the comments below and we would be happy to add it in!

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