7 Signs That You Are Addicted to Cloth Diapering


Cloth Diapering is addicting. The pretty prints, fluffy bottoms, and the cuteness of your baby in a cloth diaper is enough to make you go overboard.

baby in cloth diaper

We put together a list of 7 signs that may show you have an addition to cloth diapering, are any of these you?

* You had to buy just one more diaper because you have an odd number in your stash

* Your husband begins to question the savings of cloth diapering and threatens to cut you off

* You constantly refresh a website waiting for a diaper to come back in stock because you know they will sell out in 5 minutes

* Your baby got some new outfits, that means you need new diapers

* You find that buying cloth diapers is therapeutic

* You have fluff envy when a new print or diaper is released. You. Must. Hold. Back!

* You run to your child for quick diaper changes just to put a new print or color on their tush

– The Solution to Cloth Diapering Addictions? Studies have shown that the only way to cure a cloth diapering addiction is to potty train your child Smile 

Leave us a comment and share your stash with us! Are you addicted to cloth diapering?


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