5 Activities to do Inside with the Kids when the Weather is Bad


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Bad weather can really make it hard to send your children outside to play when they are bored. With or without power, children become restless when stuck inside. Moods can become irritable and grumpy, making the weather situation worse.

When my son gets the “I’m bored” syndrome, watch out. Being outside is his favorite thing to do, but when he is told “not today” it can cause an all out war.

While many of you on the east coast are prepared to deal with Hurricane Sandy, it can become a challenge to prepare for other weather events that come without much warning.

Here are some indoor family activities that you and your children can do to have a little fun:

  • Book reading
    This is a perfect time to bond with your children. My children love to read books, but they love it even more when mommy or daddy can sit down and help narrate the book. Play “I Spy”, or make up a new funny story from the pictures in a book. There are so many ways that you can take a children’s book
    and turn it into a new experience.

  • Write a Letter
    Old fashion letter writing is becoming a thing in the past. But why does it have to be? Sit down with your kids and help them write a letter to grandma, color some pictures for a special someone, and put them in the mailbox. Just think about how warm and fuzzy you will make the recipient feel when they see a handwritten letter and colored pictures!

  • Baking
    Gather your kids and let them help make some fresh chocolate chip cookies. Or even some no bake cookies! Kids love to be a part of the process, make them feel important by giving them a part of the recipe to do on their own.

  • Pretend Play
    Bring out the hot wheels and cars, dress up clothes, play kitchens, and get in the act with your children. My son loves to play with his cars and will even take the time to tell me which ones he loves best! Last week it was the volkswagen Polo, and I’m sure tomorrow it will be something else. It’s so much fun to get into their little minds and become their very best play partner.

  • Arts & Crafts
    I’m sure most of you have things like Play Doh, markers, crayons, scissors, etc. Bring out the cookie cutters, rolling pins, dull knives, and let the kids go to town! This is great for their motor skills and fun can be had all around. Don’t be shy, make something fun for your kids and have them guess what it is!

What’s your favorite activity to do indoors with your kids?



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