4 Ways to Fold a Prefold Cloth Diaper with a Snappi


There are a few different ways that you can fold a prefold cloth diaper. With “B” we really only used 2 different folding styles, mainly because they were easy to do and my husband could handle it.

Using a Snappi makes using prefold cloth diapers so much quicker, easier, and safer than the old safety pins of previous generations. I highly recommend using a Snappi if you’re going to use a prefold or even flat style cloth diaper on your baby.


When doing prefold laundry, I like to fold them into the trifold position. When we fold our prefolds this way, the stacking and organizing process is a little easier to do.

Here is a video that I put together on Four different ways to fold a prefold:

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to fold a prefold cloth diaper. What I like about prefold cloth diapers, is that you can fold them however is easiest for you. Also, just a little tip as shown in my video, folding down the front of your prefold cloth diaper adds extra absorbency when diapering little boys.

If you want to skip the Snappis, there are lots of cloth diaper covers available that have little flaps in the front and back where you can tuck a folded prefold in and use it much like a AI2 type diaper.

Stay tuned for the next Cloth Diapering- Behind the Scenes post …

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