4 Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day on a Budget


Now that Christmas is behind us it’s time to focus on the next holiday which is Valentine’s Day!  I know many will say that it’s just a commercialized holiday and other bah humbug things but it’s a great day to celebrate your significant other and show a little extra effort into making things out of the ordinary special.

My husband and I are not really the romantic type of couple. And truthfully we generally don’t have a lot of extra to spend on lavish gifts like jewelry, romantic getaways, or couple’s massages. But you can still make a big splash by spending just a little. Here’s a few of my own tips to help make your Valentine’s Day special without breaking the bank.

4 Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day on a Budget

  • Don’t underestimate the power of the dollar store. One year I went there and bought some heart foil balloons, confetti, and candles.  I decorated our bedroom with them, did my hair and makeup and threw on some lingerie and gave him probably the biggest surprise of his life (well, besides the positive pregnancy test a few months later). I topped it off with a heart shaped pizza from Poppa Murphy’s and a bottle of his favorite soda. I did all that for under $20 and he still talks about how special it was.
  • Pack a romantic picnic for a day or evening out. You can cut heart shaped cheese to put on crackers, pack sparkling cider and chocolate covered strawberries for some special Valentine’s themed touches. Don’t forget a cozy blanket for cuddling.
  • Make a scavenger hunt of things that have been special or significant in your relationship. Clues could be hidden around the house that lead to the next. For example: perhaps you have a favorite movie you quote to each other, leave the clue with the quote on it and put your next clue in the DVD box of that movie. Then that one may be to the most unusual place you’ve gotten frisky in your house and put the third clue there, etc.  The last one can lead to your bedroom where you have romantic music and candle light and whatever else your imagination desires.
  • Instead of giving a box of chocolates make a candy bar card on some poster board (also available at the dollar store). The internet is full of wonderful ideas if you aren’t feeling very creative.
  • Can’t get a sitter? Make it a family event! Everyone can take turns gluing conversation hearts to paper to make a silly story.  Pile on the couch to watch a fun movie but be sure to sit next to your honey so you can play footsie until the kids get put to bed early.

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