33 Thoughts Every Woman Has in Target – It’s an Obsession!


You walk into Target, come out with nothing. I couldn’t find anything today, said no woman ever! I think it’s an addiction, or an obsession, something about Target that all woman just “get”. 

At least 4-5 times a week I will find myself going into Target, just to see what I might need in the home. I can’t walk down the aisles without finding new projects for my blog, ideas for decorating a room in my home or making a recipe that was found on Pinterest.

I just may have been up there earlier today, found new decor for my mantle and decided it was time to rearrange things, found the cutest planner and decided that my workout routine would be so much better if I was organized and I won’t go into the rest.

33 Thoughts Every Woman Has in Target – Watch it and relate

This video is the story of. my life.