3 Ways to Have the Perfect Movie Night #PopSecret


Movie nights at home are something that my husband and I look forward to. Since having kids, going out to the movie theater has become a thing of the past. Finding a babysitter, money to pay the babysitter, money to get into the movie, and doing this with perfect timing of a good show in the theater, is a hard thing to do. Because of this, we have become content with snuggling up to watch movies with a big bowl of popcorn and have the perfect movie night at home.

popcorn for the perfect movie night

Many families have the problem of trying to watch a movie at home and being stuck with a selection that is less than mediocre. This used to be us.. It would take forever just to find a movie and by the time one was found, half of the crew would be passed out tired from waiting.

So what’s the secret to having a perfect movie night?

Here are our 3 ways to prepare the perfect movie night:

  1. Start with the food.
    A movie night isn’t complete without a bag of popcorn, maybe some treats that you picked up at the store, or even pizza delivery! We like to have a movie night right around dinner time and we make it a special night where everyone can eat out in the living room. It’s just fun for all of us and makes the night extra cozy.

  2. Finding an exciting movie.There is nothing worse than ruining a movie night with a bad movie. To avoid this tragedy, check out the new Find Your Critic movie tool that was created by Pop Secret and Rotten Tomatoes. Find Your Critic works by asking you to rate a selection of movies, then they take your submitted star ratings and finds a movie critic that can relate to your movie tastes.My results have me matched with the movie critic, James O’Ehley with a 91%. After reading his movie reviews, and agreeing with many of the things he has said, we found some great movies to watch during our family movie night. Isn’t it great to quickly find a movie to watch without wasting time with a mediocre movie?Check out the Find Your Critic movie tool for your next movie night!

  3. Get Snuggly.So now you have food and the perfect movie. Snuggle up on the couch with your loved ones and friends, pull up the coziest of blankets and bed pillows and enjoy a movie night that definitely couldn’t be had at a crowded movie theater.

pop-secret find your critic movie toolAt Pop Secret, we love movies as much as you love movies. That’s why we created the Find Your Critic tool with Rotten Tomatoes. It helps you figure out which movie critics you should listen to. All you have to do is rate some movies and the tool figures out which critics share your taste in movies. It even helps you follow your critics’ new movie reviews and recos. So when it comes to enjoying movies, the only thing you have to worry about is which kind of Pop Secret to make.

Check it out!


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