3 Types of Window Treatments that are Safe for Children


The safety of their children is often one of the most thought-about concerns of parents. Whether it is choosing the safest vehicle, the safest area of town to live, or the safest window treatments, nothing should be overlooked when it comes to child-safety. With that in mind, take a look at some of the best window coverings for keeping your children safe and your windows in style.

3 Types of Window Treatments that are Safe for Children


Shutters of all types and makes are one of the most sought-after window coverings on the market. Their durability, style, and ability to enhance any type of home décor make them an ideal window treatment. Add in the fact that they are some of the best window treatments for child-safety and you get the leader of the child-safe window treatments.

  • Wood shutters
    • Wood shutters can be one of the most beautiful design elements in any home. They can be customized to match your décor, whether it is contemporary, traditional, or anywhere in between.
  • Composite shutters
    • Composite shutters make a great alternative to wood shutters because they are unmatched when it comes to durability in areas of the house that accrue condensation. These are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens because the composite wood material will not warp, crack or fade overtime in the moist environment.

Cordless blinds

Window blinds are the main reason that child-safe window treatments needed to be implemented in the first place. The loops and cords dangling down from these treatments pose a serious safety hazard for children. They can easily become entangled while playing with the cords and have been known to strangle themselves on accident. Cordless blinds are the solution to this terrible problem.

  • Aluminum blinds
    • Aluminum blinds are a cost-efficient and stylish solution for any homeowner. Available in many colors, these blinds are available with a cordless option from the right high-end vendors.
  • Wood blinds
    • Operating with the same functionality of cordless aluminum blinds, wood blinds can be the perfect option for homeowners who want to keep the charm and chic of wood blinds, without having to worry about their children.

Window shades

Shades are the perfect treatments for children’s rooms. They don’t require any cords or pull strings and come in a variety of styles to suit yours and your children’s stylistic goals!

  • Roller shades
    • These are not the roller shades that you grew up with. These modern roller shades are great for any décor and are easy to operate, making them ideal for a child’s room.
  • Creative shades
    • If your children have a creatively painted room, or would you would like to add a bit of personal touch to the room, invest in creative shades that function like roller shades but can be customized with any graphic! That’s right you can put rocket ships, dinosaurs, princess castles and even the stars on this shade if you want to!
  • Motorized shades
    • The ultimate child safe window treatment. Motorized shades can be a focal point of any room and can help with more than just child-safety. These blinds or shades can help to decrease utility costs by easily cutting down on the heat your home absorbs from the sun.

Child-safe window treatments all have one thing in common – no cords. If you are thinking about child-proofing your home in preparation for a new child, or are just renovating for your current children, make sure that when you decide on a window covering, it doesn’t have any cords or strings involved.


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