3 Tips to Save Money in the Garden


When you have already spent money making your garden look ideal for you and your family, you may want to limit any future expenses, and spend more time enjoying your outdoor space. By incorporating some great tips, you can put your wallet away, while still keeping your garden in great condition. Considering the use of things that you may have previously simply thrown in the trash can also help you to look after your garden, and the plants you have within it.

Look After Appliances

Your shed or garage may contain a number of appliances and tools that help you to keep your garden looking how you like it. While you may already wipe down tools after use, such as trowels or forks, the larger appliances may also benefit from a bit of attention. Learning how to clean the carburetor in your lawn mower, as an example, can help to keep your mower running smoothly, as well as look after the engine itself. It isn’t always the visible aspects of your appliances that you need to pay attention to. Sometimes, appliance maintenance may involve removing covers or dealing with electrics, so always make sure that the machine is switched off and unplugged before beginning any work. Gaining information and using tutorials can also help you to undertake these repairs yourself, while reducing the likelihood of damage occurring through lack of knowledge.

Make the Most of Waste

You may often throw away any grass cuttings, but these could be broken down over time into compost, which can benefit your plants. In addition to this, making your own compost can save you money on needing to buy additional bags from your local gardening store. Some of your kitchen waste may also be useful. Used coffee grounds can be added to the compost you made, as a form of fertilizer. They will aid with drainage, and have even been known to attract worms, which can help your compost to gain extra nutrients. Choosing to rinse the coffee grounds can be beneficial for neutral or alkaline soils, while unwashed grounds are acidic, which can benefit your acid-loving plants.

Remove Pests

Slugs and snails may also appreciate the hard work that has gone into creating your garden, and can leave your plants damaged and weak. To prevent them from causing too much damage, you could instead find ways to make your garden less appealing to them. These pests have been known to quite enjoy beer, so leaving a container of beer nearby may help to deter them from choosing your plants for their next meal. You could also look for plants which are less favorable to these animals, so they will not be tempted to use your garden in the first place.

Having a beautiful garden can be great, particularly in warmer weather. You may also find that the view helps to boost your mood. To save yourself some extra money, consider the ways that you can look after the garden you have, and the tools that aid you with its upkeep.