13 Ways to Reuse Kitchen Items


Think twice before throwing out used kitchen items. With these ways to reuse kitchen items, old containers, bags, foil, dishes and other kitchen objects can often be recycled and put to use again. If you can’t reuse any of these items yourself, consider sending them to be recycled before disposing of them as regular waste.

13 Ways to Reuse Kitchen Items

. Wash out empty plastic ketchup bottles and use them to store finger paint or other thick textured paint.

. Save paper towel roll tubes. Cut each tube into six even cylinders and cover with cloth or decorative paper to make napkin rings.

. Save old glass jars and use them for household organization. They can store craft supplies, stationery supplies or even small hardware items.

. Cut off the bottom third of soda bottles and use them as small planters for seedlings.

. Reuse aluminum foil and sealable bags.

. Save grocery bags and reuse them or return them to the store. Many stores recycle bags that are returned.

. When you lose Popsicle mold sticks, keep the molds. Use them to organize pens, pencils and crayons.

. Use old ice trays to organize small items like tacks, brads, or earrings.

. Use old muffin pans as drawer organizers.

. Attach a lone goblet, glass or other vase-like object to a lone plate to make a cake stand.

.  Use a wine rack to hold magazines, wrapping paper rolls, posters or other cylindrical objects.

. Fasten dishwasher racks into cabinets as sliding shelves and organizers.

. Cut off the bottom third of cereal boxes and use them as drawer dividers.

These are just a few ways to reuse kitchen items. Take a look around your kitchen and see what other ideas you can come up with. You’ll be saving yourself money, making your home more functional, and helping the environment by reducing waste at the same time!


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