12 Week Fitness Challenge – 30 Lbs. Down! Half Way Mark


** Update : I’m now down 78 pounds!! Read about my latest adventure with the Beach Body 21 Day Fix

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my fitness goals. In fact, it was just 5 months ago when my knee injury had moved to a recovery point where I could even start thinking about fitness. 

So I figured it was about time to fill you in on a few things.

2015 has brought a lot of big changes in my life, from rebranding this blog, to signing up for a 12 week fitness challenge at the gym and making changes in my life to move from fat to fit. This is a year about defining who I want to be as a mom, as a blogger and now that my knee is no longer an excuse, I’ve stepped up to the challenge.

Gold’s Gym is my home gym, I love it there. Seriously, I spend 5-6 days a week there! I have an amazing personal trainer, Angie Braesch, and she works with me to help achieve the many goals that are on my list.

My first and foremost goal is to lose weight. I started this journey at 260 Lbs. YIKES! Years of baby weight, two pregnancies, knee injury and lots of excuses that I could go on about.

As of today, I’m now down 30 Lbs! 

12 Week Fitness Challenge - 30 Lbs Down! Weight Watchers Recipe, fitness motivation and inspiration.

I’m sure you are wondering how?

I started this journey with the help of Weight Watchers. After losing 70+ Lbs. with Weight Watchers in 2006, I knew it would work again. While it was working in the beginning, the plan wasn’t working for me because of how active I was becoming. I needed a breakdown of my calorie intake, needed to see how much sodium I was consuming and needed a breakdown of my protein intake. I tried to use MyFitnessPal side by side, it was tedious work.

With the help of my personal trainer, I’ve learned a ton about nutrition. I don’t consider myself a clean eater, maybe partially but really I just look to eat good foods. Sure, processed foods are mixed in there sometimes and I don’t stress about it. 

Gym Routine

I’ve kicked up my cardio and weight training to a level 9. My schedule at the gym consists of two classes on Mondays, personal training and a class on Tuesday, personal training and a class on Thursday, two classes on Friday and an occasional class on Saturdays. These consist of a mix of cardio and weight lifting.

Fitness motivation - Inspirational quotes to keep you going at the gym. This is so true!

I Am So Sick of Eating!

So when it comes to nutrition, I’ve been learning that in order to retain muscle that is being built and lose weight, I have to eat and eat and eat. I’m talking like 2,100 calories a day eat.

Eating has been the hardest part for me and never in my life have I had a problem with eating, it’s always been eating too much. Now my problem is not eating enough. Sounds like a good problem to have, right? Both ways are hard, seriously. If you eat too much, then you gain weight, when you don’t eat enough, the scale doesn’t move. 

To reach my calorie goals, I have to set a memory alarm for myself and make myself eat something every single hour. If I don’t, then my eating would go all the way up until bed time and still not reach my goals. I absolutely love my new fitness routine and don’t want to change it, so in order to keep that going, I have to learn how to eat right and eat enough.

Goals Reached!!

During the few months, I’ve reached lots of mini goals. Many of them I share on Instagram.

  • Down 1 clothing size, from a 22 to a 18/20
  • Loss of 30 lbs
  • Bicep muscles!!!
  • I can do push-ups, and never been able to do one in my life!
  • I’m now 15 weeks with no soda pop
  • My skin is glowing and my hair has thickened up
  • I feel amazing

So I rambled a lot on this post, if you have read it all then thank you! There has been a lot to catch up on and I hope that this fills you in a bit. I wanted to share this with you in hopes to inspire. I share on Facebook and Instagram and want to inspire. Inspiration from another fitness buddy is what got me going and if the circle can keep going, then that’s amazing. 

Talk to you soon!

** Update : I’m now down 78 pounds!! Read about my latest adventure with the Beach Body 21 Day Fix

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