12 Tips to Save Time During Your Morning Routines – Back To School


I’m a mother who is battling against having enough time. That’s most of us right? My family and I had a nice long Summer, enjoyed the long nights and sleeping in through the morning. As a stay at home mother, waking up at a certain time has never been a part of my agenda.

The last two months have completely rocked my world. We went from no kids in school, to both kids being in school for the first time. Each morning is trial and error, figuring out what time we need to wake up without missing on much needed sleep, figuring out routines and how things can be done to maximize our time.

12 Tips to Save Time During Your Morning Routines – Back To School

Are you struggling with morning routines too?

While I haven’t perfected our morning routines, I have figured out a few sure fire tricks to make our mornings run a little more smoothly.

Preparing the Backpack – I forget everything, specially when trying to get ready in the mornings. To minimize the stress in our mornings, we go through the kid’s backpacks the night before.

We have a check list – Is it library day tomorrow? Is homework due? Does something special need to be sent in for class tomorrow?

I would much rather deal with these things the night before, not in the morning when we are in a race against time to the bus.

12 Tips to Save Time During Your Morning Routines – Back To School

Packing School Lunches – My oldest has a nut allergy and as a precaution, we pack his lunch every single day. We talk about lunch time during the weekend and create a menu plan on our fridge. When I know what to make for lunches each day, it not only saves money on the grocery bill but it saves time when preparing the lunch.

Laying Clothes Out – We lay clothes out the night before school. I don’t want to hear that he is out of socks, underwear or pants the morning of. What good does that do me? And I know that is what would happen.

I’ve noticed that when he forgets to lay them out the night before, a pile of “clean clothes” ends up on the bottom floor of his closet and then in his hamper. These are clothes that he pulled out and then decided that wasn’t what he wanted. Now I have an extra load of laundry to do because I have no idea what clothes are really clean and which were truly dirty.

So laying clothes out the night before has definitely become a time saver.

So help a mom out here, what do you do to help trim off time during your mornings?

Suave shared this fun infographic with me about 12 Tremendous Tricks to Trim 20 Minutes Off Your Morning. Have you adapted any of these ideas into your routine?




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