10 Things That Suck About Peanut Allergies


10 Things That Suck About Peanut Allergies

This Andrew and he has a severe peanut allergy…

This past weekend I’ve been thinking a lot about Andrew’s peanut allergy and how I’m praying so hard that Andrea doesn’t develop one too.

Our next door neighbor’s little boy has a peanut allergy and this past week they took a vacation down to Disney World. Upon their return we went outside to talk to them and see how their vacation was. Vince is probably about 6 years old and during his flight down to Disney World he began to swell up.. he swelled up not because he ate a peanut but because the airplane environment is so enclosed that the dust from other people’s peanuts made him sick.

This scares me… will we ever be able to fly anywhere with Andrew? Why can’t airlines serve things other than peanuts? Serve pretzels! Serve chips! Serve peanut free cookies!!


So here is my list of 10 things that really piss me off about Peanut Allergies and why they suck

1. My son will NEVER get to experience simple pleasures like a candy bar

2. My son will NEVER get to trick or treat with his friends and be able to come home and eat his candy because 95% of Halloween candy is made in a plant that may contain nuts

3. My son can’t go to a friends house alone without me worrying about him getting into something with peanuts

4. My son will NEVER get to experience an ice cream cone from a shop like Cold Stone, Baskin Robbins or Maggie Moo

5. My son can’t eat cake at a birthday party unless it was made by someone that I can ask about the ingredients… store bought cake? Most of the time it may contain peanuts

6. I now have to worry taking my son onto an airplane that may serve peanut snacks

7. Friends of ours have a buffet style dinner every so often and invite everyone to come and hang out.. Andrew has to eat dinner at home because we can’t risk any of the prepared foods being contaminated with any of the desserts with peanuts in it

8. My son will never see a chocolate bunny in his Easter basket

9. I have to drill each and every pre school that we are considering for Andrew to assure they handle kids with peanut allergies appropriately then I have to send him off and pray that nothing happens while I’m away

10. The biggest thing that sucks is the fact that we will never have a sense of being safe when dealing with a son with peanut allergies. Andrew’s peanut allergy is at a level of being fatal if he was to come in contact and we have to live the rest of our lives nit picking everything he eats and does to assure he will remain safe. Yes, I understand kids don’t need things like candy or cake etc.. but these are simple pleasures that every one of his friends will be taking part in and he will always feel like he is the one being left out. I hate that he has to deal with it and the day they come out with a full treatment I will travel as far as I have to if it means my son can live a normal life.




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